The Chemistry Unbound REU offers a two summer research experience for early career undergraduates. Unlike REUs aimed at more advanced students, you do not need to secure a research mentor before applying. During your first summer, you’ll receive a crash course in the Chemistry Unbound approach to to help you better understand your research options and interests. Then, graduate student and faculty mentors will assist you in selecting a lab that fits with your interests and goals.

What is Chemistry Unbound?

Chemistry Unbound is undergraduate chemistry for the twenty-first century. Chemistry was taught the same way for over one hundred years. At Emory, we decided to explore new ways to organize undergraduate learning around thematic frameworks that immediately place complex concepts into conversation with real world problems and solutions. At the advanced level, students can apply these frameworks to interdisciplinary coursework in areas ranging from systems chemistry to the chemistry of foodways and art preservation to medicinal chemistry, taking their learning to the next level as they plan their future chemistry career.


undergraduate co-authors on papers from REU mentor labs

$17.6 million

research funding to Emory mentor labs in FY 2019


Goldwater Scholars from mentor labs

Who Will I Work With?

John Doe

Faculty Mentor

I teach about lasers and light and how to think. I designed this REU.

Jane Doe

Graduate Mentor

I’ve mentored over 10 Emory undergrads – I learn as much from them as they do from me!

John Doe

Faculty Mentor

I’m passionate about protein design and I can’t wait to share that with new scholars.

What Will I Work On?

Why should I apply to an REU?

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